Reagan’s Birth Story

Three weeks ago I gave birth to my beautiful daughter Reagan, and sitting here looking at her it was worth all the stretch marks and weight gain. To say it was a painful, yet truly amazing experience is putting it lightly. Honestly, I had the perfect labor and pregnancy. (Is there such a thing?) I truly was blessed.

It all started at my 39th week appointment, the intake nurse told me my blood pressure and urine were perfectly fine and then she asked me if I wanted my cervix checked since we were nearing the end. I looked over at my fiance who was nodding his head vigorously in the corner of the room, I laughed and told the nurse yes. When the doctor came in, she did the usual checks of my little one’s heartbeat and if my stomach was measuring on track. Then when she checked my cervix, she enthusiastically said I was measuring about 3cm dilated. She was excited that I was already this dilated with this being my first child and I was floored because I had not felt a single contraction yet!


I proceeded through the weekend bouncing on my yoga ball, eating spicy food, walking, and anything else I could do to speed the process up. The anticipation was absolutely killing me especially because we did not know the gender. We finished off the weekend taking some maternity pictures and sprucing up our house for spring. (Maybe this was me nesting??)

Monday I did my usual 8 hours at work where my boss made a comment that I just looked like I was over being pregnant. Boy was she right. I kept thinking how could I be 3cm dilated already and not feeling a single thing. When I came home, I put on some music and danced while making dinner. My fiance laughing at me and my big belly. I finished off the night with a nice warm bath to relax my back muscles and was in bed by 9pm.

Now, I had not slept for what seemed like the past two weeks, but for some reason Monday night I was passed out and snoring while my fiance played Halo some what quietly in the corner of the room. Little did we both know that our whole lives were going to change come tomorrow.

My fiance is one of those people who sets about 20 different alarms before actually getting out of bed and hour later. The alarms don’t really wake any one up besides me in the end, so when his 5am alarm went off I layed in bed listening to ESPN radio until I had to go to the bathroom. I got back into bed about 5:40 am when I felt only what I can describe as muffled finger knuckle cracking, but in my stomach and then a gush. Now, I had just gone to the bathroom so I knew this was not a bladder leak. I woke Tyler and made my way back to the bathroom, where more water came out. This. Was. It.

We called the doctor and they told us to head into triage to make sure it was amniotic fluid that was leaking. On the way to the hospital we called both of our parent to tell them the news. We arrived there about 6:30 am and the test came back positive. The doctor came in later to check how dilated I was and told me I was about 4cm. I still was not feeling any of the contractions that I was having and if I didn’t start feeling them soon they were going to give me pitocin to speed it up. Which I dreaded the thought of. We had to wait a good while for a room in labor and delivery to open up but finally made our way over there by 9:30am.

My nurse proceeded to take my blood and hook me up to the machines and IV. She told me that if my contractions didn’t start by 11am, they were going to start the pitocin. The good news was that it was only going to be ¼ a teaspoon an hour. By this time my sister, mom, nephew, and Tyler’s mom all had arrived. Tyler’s brother and dad were on their way. I put on a movie and waited for the pitocin to kick in.

By 12 I was in active labor, and I felt it all in my back. Our mom’s suggested that I try walking around to help relieve the pain but when the contractions would hit I just kept feeling like I needed to use the bathroom. I opted for the shower. Since I was hooked up to the IV I could not use the whirlpool tub. While the nurse was getting my undressed and Tyler was getting dressed into swim trunks, he almost slipped and fell on the bathroom floor. Just what I needed an almost injured labor coach! Good thing he’s athletic and caught himself. I spent the next three hours in the shower. Yes you read that right. Three hours in a shower that is as big a college dorm shower. Now in my defense. I was out of it. I had no sense of time. I just kept breathing  (rather heavily and in no type of pattern) and moaning. Tyler sat perched up on this tiny bench pushing into my back and holding the hot water on top of me. Apparently it was rather funny.

Our mom’s and the nurse kept coming in and asking me if i wanted to get out of the shower and try something else. I could not even answer their questions, all I could muster was a no. The contractions were on top of each other.  I was quite content (well sorta) in the shower. The nurse finally told me that Dr. Jones was coming into check my progress. I made my way to the labor bed and Dr. Jones told me that I was at 8cm and 90% effaced, but I could probably push out the last bit. I did so rather easily and they left me labor until I felt the urge to push which wasn’t that long. I started involuntarily pushing. I don’t remember much of it, but looking up at my mom and telling her that it hurt and seeing her eyes well up with tears. I pushed for approximately 45 minutes and at 3:47pm on March 21st  my perfect and beautiful baby girl was born.

I was sweating  but I was freezing at the same time as I held my little girl on my skin. Tyler cut her umbilical cord and Dr. Jones stitched me up (I had a small tear). She told me how amazing I did and how I did it without any interventions and departed. Our families had left the room and it was finally just Tyler, Reagan, and I. Our perfect little family.



Why do I suck at saving?


“We live in a world fueled by money. Everything has a cost”.

At least that’s what they tell us in Econ 101, but when it comes down to it I cannot save a single dime. I live life paycheck to paycheck and it’s all because of what reason? Well maybe there isn’t one reason to it all, but I know for one thing: I suck at saving money.

I’ll be the first to admit it. I splurge. I impulse buy. I want to keep “keeping up with the Jones'”. And I sit there and I think maybe that’s my problem. Maybe I just spend too much? Well its definitely a problem, but maybe its not the only problem?

I have been graduated from college since December 2014, and it took me until about October 2015 to get all my papers together to even start looking for a teaching position. (They want an arm, leg, and your first born to even attempt to apply.) So here I sit, April 2016 still teaching jobless, but I’m not unemployed and I make just a little less than an entry level teaching position currently. So why is it that I cannot save any money? I’m not poor!?

First things first: Debt is awful. I try to catch up on my payments and then I look at my account and there is nothing left to even enjoy life. Second:Why should I live miserable for the rest of my life while attempting to pay back student loans, and medical bills? Third: Why should I have to ration my money each pay period to just barely scrape by on the necessities?

I’ve done the budgeting thing and let me tell you, its very hard to do without a savings account. Wells Fargo was rude and closed mine without any notice and since then all of my money has just been sitting in my checking account. Free for me to spend away. Horrible idea. I’ve seen the posts on Pinterest on how to save money and pay back bills, but they just have not worked for me.

I pose this question: What are some things that you all have done to help catch up on bills and still enjoy your life?




Today We Mourn

Hi again everyone! It has been a great while since I posted last, and I’ll admit, I am the ABSOLUTE worst at keeping up with things unless I have some sort of push or incentive. I apologize for the lack of content on this blog.

However, it has been a great while since something of importance has happened to me. The following story is true. It’s fresh. It’s still painful, but I feel the need to share it, because I know there are so many people out there that it has also happened to.

On March 24, I found out the most exciting and horrific news ever. My boyfriend and I were expecting our first child! Nothing could have ever prepared me for the moment that test turned positive. The next challenge I faced was letting Tyler know the big news.

I googled, and googled, and googled until I could google no more on what the best way to break the new to him would be. Nothing I found on Pinterest or google sparked my interest at all. The nerves were all too much bear and I absolutely could not wait any longer to tell him. I decided to do it over dinner.

So when I got home that day, I convinced Tyler to go to Arooga’s that night for the wing special. (That man loves wings) He then started trying to get his best friend to come with us. I’m sitting there thinking “Great…I don’t need everyone to come with us.” Josh didn’t answer his phone so Tyler tried texting him and he just wouldn’t stop talking so finally I just covered his eyes and held the test in front of his face so when he finally moved my hand he saw it. I have never seen so much happiness come out of one person. The joy spilled out of him and he hugged me. He couldn’t stop smiling. He was bursting from the seams.

As the weeks went on we told a very few select people. Mostly our immediate family and a couple extremely close friends. I was feeling great. No morning sickness or anything crazy, just some body tenderness. I had gotten into the doctors office that we wanted through a family friend who is an OB and scheduled our very first appointment for May 2nd and then it happened. Wednesday April 20th, I woke up around 9am and did my usual morning routine, but when I went to the bathroom my whole world changed. I broke down crying immediately from what I saw. Brown blood on the toilet paper. I called my mom immediately and she tried to calm me down. She told me to not panic, sometimes this was normal and I need to call the doctor to let them know. The doctor reassured me the same thing and told me to take it easy and refrain from sex until the spotting stopped. Tyler was also in a panic. He came home from work to comfort me. I tried to get my mind off of it and we took our puppy for a walk.

The remainder of the week seemed normal. Very little spotting, no cramping. This was good! Then Sunday, while at work it came back. I immediately texted my OB and she told me the same thing. Don’t do anything strenuous, no sex, don’t panic. I felt very little reassurance. Tuesday that week at 8 am the spotting got worse turning from brown to red, but barely any cramps and it was barely hitting a pad, but I couldn’t wait. I left work and went directly to the ER where my boyfriend met me. I was there FOREVER. They did an ultrasound to check for an ectopic pregnancy, but everything was fine. They found the baby and what seemed to be a slow heart beat. I should have been happy, but something didn’t seem right. The doctor finally came back and told me what they had found. HCG levels in my blood were right on track for being 8 weeks pregnant, but the baby was only measuring at 6 weeks along. So the diagnosed me with a “threatened miscarriage.” Basically, it could go either way.

I was devastated. Tyler tried to stay positive and tell me they found a heartbeat though, you’re going to be okay! I just cried myself to sleep that day and slept all night. The rest of the week everything seemed to stay pretty stable and I was trying REALLY hard to stay positive. I kept thinking how is it possible that drug addicts and horrible people can have children, but mine is being taken away from me? I was so lost. My work was suffering, my mind was else where. I wasn’t happy, I just moped all day. However, I did have something to look forward to. That weekend we were going to the beach and bringing our sweet little puppy for the first time. I was so excited! We left that Friday night and spent our morning in Rehoboth, DE and our evening in Ocean City, MD with Tyler’s fraternity. Saturday night however, things took a turn for the worse. Right after dinner I really started to bleed and I passed a tiny clot. I just cried some more. I knew what was going to happen, I just didn’t know when. I didn’t want to ruin Tyler’s night with his friends so we went to Seacrets and then left around 11:30pm. Sunday morning things were about the same and we spend the afternoon at the beach in Rehoboth again with the puppy before heading home to PA. Tyler drove down to DE so I figured I would drive back.

Puppy and Tyler fell right to sleep in the car,  and about 45 min into the drive I had to stop for gas and get some Tylenol for my cramps. They just kept getting worse and worse the further I drove and then it happened. I felt a gushing sensation and I had to immediately pull over. I lost my baby. It was gone. The physical and emotional pain of the situation was awful. I was still over an hour away from home. I had no idea what I was going to do. This was the end. I got back in the car and told Tyler I would just finish the drive because this was happening no matter what. We had to stop again within 15 of being back on the highway. I just wanted to get home as fast as I could. From that point on I don’t think I drove any slower than 85mph. I just wanted to be in the comfort of my own home. How awful to have a miscarriage on your way home from the beach. In the car of all places!

Today I am feeling better. The pain from the miscarriage is still there, but now that it has happened I can begin healing. I have done so much crying over the past two weeks that I am finally ready to move on. I am still feeling a deep sadness and jealousy whenever I see a pregnant woman or some one with kids. I wanted to have their joy and happiness. I was so happy and excited to have this child with the love of my life, and that all changed Sunday night during at 3 hour car ride. I know this was not my fault and I know that there is nothing that I can do about it. I just wish that I could have kept my baby and experienced all of the happiness that came with it. But I guess sometimes that life. Maybe it just wasn’t our time. Maybe everything really does happen for a reason. Things will get better I believe that. Acceptance and healing are the only ways to move on. Maybe this is what Growing in Adulthood is all about.






24 Things to do on your 24th Birthday!

Well another year in the life of Valerie has passed, and a new one has just begun. Happy Birthday to myself! Tuesday the 16th was my 24th birthday! How crazy is that?! I don’t feel 24 at all, and I don’t think I look it either, or so I’ve been told…


Birthdays, in my opinion, are kind of a big deal. I love them! I’m that girl who is singing Happy Birthday to myself 3 days before its my actual birthday and use the “but It’s my birthday!” line over and over and over again. Why not? Who doesn’t want to celebrate another year in the world. Lord knows it can end in the blink of an eye.

With that being said, I though I wanted to go out with friends into the city for my birthday, but with it being on a Tuesday, I didn’t think any one would have wanted to go out. I took off work and when I woke up on Tuesday morning, I had no idea how I was going to spend the day alone. I had searched pinterest for ideas all month, I googled what others had done, and one thing kept popping up. Doing 24 things in 24 hours, so why not give it a try!

Now this year, even though I saved up money was going to be tight, because my boyfriend and I are moving into a new apartment on Friday and they wanted an arm and a leg for security deposit and rent. So I did my 24 things in 24 hours while on a budget! Beat that other people who have done this challenge before! So enough with the small talk, lets see if I actually accomplished anything…

1. Play the Lottery:
I had two dollars laying around so when I went to go get gas, I decided to buy two $1 scratch off tickets. Scratched the first…Nothing. Scratched the second…I win $2! Yay! Now I should have took that as a sign to keep my two dollars, but I bought a $2 ticket and lost. Whomp whomp. Oh well.


2.Take yourself out to breakfast: I loveeeeee breakfast food. My plan was to take myself to Shady Maple, which is an amish run buffet. You get a free meal on your birthday, BUT you need to purchase an adult meal. Since I was going by myself, I couldn’t do that so I just went out to my favorite dinner and ordered my favorite breakfast- Steak Egg and Cheese breakfast quesadilla. Yummm. – Only 10 bucks w/coffee!


3.Wonder aimlessly through home stores: & Don’t buy anything! I just spend 1hour and 30 minutes looking at wall art, towels, curtains, nic-nacks, furniture for fun. And I loved it. You can’t beat the crazy things Ollies, TJ MAXX, the thrift store, and Homegoods have.

4.Go on a drive/bike ride: Some times I just like to get lost in my own town. Go down a road you’ve never been down before.

5.Do Yoga: I didn’t really want to go to the gym, so instead I pulled up youtube and found a yoga video and did that at home instead. It was nice and relaxing.

6-8.Have your own at home Spa day:
I guess you could say that I’m cheating here a little bit, but taking the time to do your hair, makeup, fingers and toes takes awhile. So I made this three items. Just go pamper yourself. You deserve it.

9.Chill out to Zac Brown Band Pandora: Absolutely LOVE this station. Who does just want to pretend they are knee deep in the water some where. You also can’t beat Bob Marley, Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, Jimmy Buffet, and Kenny Chesney ALL on the same station.

10.Do the couples yoga challenge: My boyfriend and I watch a couple trying these ridiculous poses and failing miserably, so we decided to try it. Or should I say I made him do it once he got home from work. It wasn’t even hard….

11.Play a video game: Any video game! Act like a kid. I played a computer game called League of Legends. I guess I’m a nerd.

11. Pregame with a power hour: We already had beer in the house, and remember we are trying to save money for Friday, so we just pregamed the bar before hand. Why not!? It’s your birthday after all.

12. Make/Buy your favorite dinner: I really wanted sushi, but we were going out for trivia night any ways so we went to the bar across the street. I got some onion rings and chicken sandwich. Still yummy!

13.Go out for drinks: While waiting for dinner, I decided it was a good idea to throw back two peach long islands. I still believe this was a good idea.

14.Go play trivia at local bar: I am a sore loser, but I still had fun playing trivia and Monaco is still the right answer, not Switzerland!

15. Jump on the bed: Yes I did jump on the bed when I got home. Yes it probably was the peach long islands.

16. Have a dance party: This was also probably from those long islands, but it was still fun.

17. Hug a friend: Minus my boyfriend, only one friend came out to play trivia with me. She’s awesome.

18.Sing Happy Birthday to yourself: DUH.

19.Watch your favorite TV show:  Who doesn’t want to unwind to Dexter.

20.Have your cake and eat it: I love cake, well food in general.

21.Reminisce about the past year/Make goals for the new year: 23 was pretty cool, but 24 is going to be much better. I plan on getting a teaching job and FINALLY getting things back in order.

22. Cuddle with your pets: My kitties love me


23.Be a lazy: Sometimes you just want to bum out

24.Spend time with the ones who truly love you: They are the only ones who really matter.

Day 2: On the Road to Being Fit

I hope you all enjoyed my day one post! So here is my second day!

When I first woke up this morning I did some “Good Morning Yoga.” It was more or so just getting out of bed a stretching. I’ve noticed that since I’ve started doing this quick morning yoga, I’ve been energized for the day and it helps me fight the urge just to crawl back into bed. Which I always want to do.

In addition and as promised, today I started a six week crossfit workout courtesy of Simply Sadie Jane. I have never done crossfit before, but looking at her pictures and her transformation. I decided to give it a try. I mean hey why not!

Just looking at the Day 1 workout, I was thinking this is nothing! Then actually after doing the workout I was sweating like crazy. It didn’t take very long, but that is just for the first day. The other workouts look like they might be a little more time consuming based on the Workout of the Day (WOD). My legs were burning!

Crossfit Workout Day 1:

Strength: 5-5-5-5-5 (5 sets of 5 reps)

Weighted Squats

WOD: 21-15-9 (3 sets: First set =21 reps, Second set= 15 reps, Third set= 5 reps)

Jumping Squats

Push Ups

Mountain Climbers



And finally here is what I ate!

Breakfast: Oatmeal with honey and cinnamon 

Lunch: Chicken flavored noodles

Dinner: Qdoba Mango Mojo Naked Burrito— Soooo Yummy! (And Spicy)

Happy working out!





Day 1: On the Path to Being Fit

Here it is! My first workout post, but before I go into some long dialogue on what I did and what I ate today, I first believe that I should describe my current status to make this a little more real for everyone.


I am 5′ 2″ and 140 lbs, jean size 4 or 6 depending on where you shop (see picture). Now according to BMI, I am overweight. But wait a minute, I definitely don’t look overweight. In fact, I have a rather muscular athletic build. So if I already have an athletic build why am I trying to lose weight? Well its more so to get toned. In high school and up until last year I was a cheerleader. A competitive cheerleader, and with that I tumbled a lot. So I have a very natural gymnast build, but it definitely is not what it used to be. You know every one has those trouble areas too.

Now as I stated in my intro, I’m going to be trying a couple different things. Mostly workouts I’ve pinned previously. Now I’ve seen a whole bunch of these 10 minute workout pins. Do they actually even work? As far as my “fit” knowledge goes, it takes at least 30 minutes to enter into the fat burning zone. So for my day 1 workout I did “The Best Butt Workout” by Kama Fitness, with a little variation.

  • 40 Hip Bridges with Leg lift (each leg)
  • 60 Hip Bridges
  • 60 Donkey Kicks (each leg)
  • 60 Standing Kickbacks (each leg)
  • 30 Squats with leg lifts
  • 60 Side Lunges

As for my food goes, I should issue a warning right now. If you are looking for a diet, stop reading, because I’m not dieting. WHAT?! That’s right I said it. I will remind you all that I am in college and I do not have a large income. I basically get what I can take. Pinterest doesn’t help me in this department. Paleo dieting and all those other fads just aren’t going to cut it on my budget. So no judging!

Breakfast: Peanut butter and Jelly Sandwich on honey wheat bread

Lunch: Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich on honey wheat bread- My boyfriend made them for work and forgot them so I ate them. Didn’t want them to got to waste!

Snacks: Graham Crackers and Raisins

Dinner: Chicken flavored noodles

I don’t over eat. So even though I’m not starving myself on celery sticks and bland chicken, I’m not eating seven plates full of food.

There you have it folks! Tomorrow I am starting a six week crossfit workout. We will see how that one goes over!


Getting Started

Hello everyone!

I am unsure about what to write exactly, but I just wanted to start up this blog again, but with a different purpose from my last blog.

Hear me out: When I am bored, I literally just scroll through Pinterest. Like ALL DAY. All I ever see are those almost ridiculously impossible DIY crafts, extremely fit people, foods that make my mouth water, and clothes that I can never find at the mall. Pinterest- Are you even real life? 

Since it is summer and I am not in classes currently and I barely work, I have had a lot of downtime. I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with myself, and I realized it is time to get fit, get my life in order, prepare for the impending doom which is graduation in six months. How am I ever going to survive in the real world? I have no clue, but I am trying to get a jump on the game.

I’ve looked at all the pins on home binders, healthy living, workout plans, and everything else and I’m honestly thinking- Are these people for real? Seriously, I can barely get out of bed at 9 AM and you want me to do morning yoga, run six miles, redo a dresser, meal prep, and organize all my bills? You’ve got to be kidding me, right? 

So now you are all thinking, this is just some pointless rant, but its not. My main goal and purpose of this blog is to keep me motivated. I am going to test out all of those ridiculous fitness routines, healthy meals, binders, and impossible DIY crafts. I am going to get myself into shape and my life into shape and I want you all to help me get there. That way I will have some type of accountability. My life is NOT Pinterest, and I’m sure many of your lives are not like that at all, but together we are going to see what works, what doesn’t work, and it is all going to be real. Lets think of it like an adventure. Maybe one day I can be one of those supermoms too.